How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

How to Convert Website Visitors to Customers

Okay so you have done everything you can in order to get visitors / people / prospects to your website, BUT what happens when they get there??    How do you get them to actually pick up the telephone and / or make a purchase ?

Lets look at a few essential points below in how to convert website visitors into customers;

  1. Ensure your website is mobile responsive
    If your website is not mobile responsive (mobile friendly) Google will now list it below other sites which are.  You will in effect be loosing out on website visitors.
    You can check your website against Google’s Mobile Friendly Test right here;
  2. Understanding your audience
    The key to the success of any business is knowing who your customers are and how to position your products or services so that they are of interest to them.  The style and look of your website must appeal to the people you are trying to sell to.   You have to understand who these people are and what they like.
  3. Exciting landing pages
    You only have a few seconds to grab a visitors attention or they will be off to a competitors website.  Research varies on the exact amount of time you have but it mostly ranges between 3 and 15 seconds.  Your site should contain beautiful visual images, bold statements which highlight your products or services features, product details and the all important Call To Action!
  4. Update your website with fresh content
    Search Engines, and Google in particular, love to find fresh content on websites. If you want people to keep coming back to your website, you’ve got to give them new information to come back for.
    Pages on websites need to have relevant content and in the case of your news pages, Google is ideally looking for around 400 words or more per page.  Don’s add too many keywords and keep your news post sounding natural.  Think of ideas for articles that represent common issues people might have that relate to your product/industry.   Interlink site pages.  Use external linking where possible and where relevant.

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